29th & 30th of January 2021


Through the first program of INDOSH, we are expecting a huge exposure to the State of Karnataka in particular and for India in general. The list of dignitaries shows that sky is the limit for opportunities for the future. ECCC INDIA will play a great part in digital &higher education for our students. The participation of ministers from Center and State Government in the events along with the delegations from Business,
Industry, Education, Health, Research,Agriculture and Tourism sectors will ensure a meaningful development of cooperation

OUR Program Trinity

Indosh is here to open a conduit between Poland & India inviting dignified ministers from Poland to interact with 3 major programs. The presence of the ministers from India will enhance the opportunities for our citizens.

The presence of the ‘Rector’ of KUL University (ECCC education partner), opens the scope of international standards, education & certifications for Indian students.

Bridge between two countries

Coordination of Agriculture, Tourism, Healthcare, Education, business investments & Industrial sector.

ECCC Foundation: Digital education & policies, Higher education, Standards & Certifications, and Medical education.

Dignitaries from Poland

Chairman of ECCC Foundation & President of INDOSH ‘Ryszard Wos’ has taken the initiative to bring the following dignitaries from Poland.